Forefont Projects

The why and the wireframe

Exo-B is a project I'm just starting up. I've had the name for the project in my head for a while, originally slated for another project in fact, but I've found that it might suit this new project I'm thinking on.

Recently, I've wanted a simple and speedy way to take note that have categories, tags, and mentions. All sortable and searchable. I would like the text entry to be as simple as… [Read More]

Why write when you can re-write!

Like a moth to light

There is a bit of folk knowledge in the developer community that suggests at some point, when you think about starting a blog, you will likely be drawn to also building your own blogging platform, which you probably shouldn't, because you are likely procrastinating by [Read More]

The first working version

The First Working Version!

Well, it has been a bit of a winding road, with a few detours but I got here in the end. I have now made a working (or at least mostly working) base version of my original project vision outlined in Birds of a Feather… [Read More]

Local Area Affects

A bit much

After working on Circle Boundary for a spell and putting both that and the Birds project down for a bit (work stuff) it was a bit of a mission to pick it back up again. Exact context tends to fall out of my head on projects I haven't looked at for a while and I end up having to load it all back up again if I've been away for a bit. This is especially so if I … [Read More]

The RockPro64 NAS Case Adventure


A little while back I bought two Pine A64+ System on a Chip (SoC) boards to have a play with. They were mostly pretty good and at the time (if I remember right) they were supposed to be the first 64-bit CPUs for a SoC board that was available on the market. I was a fairly early buye… [Read More]

Circle Boundary

When setting out to write my Birds of a Feather simulation I first started with an Rust application with the intent to chose a graphics library that would allow me to target the desktop as well as browsers via WASM. Part way though I realised I was trying to do two new things at once so I decided to try simplify a bit. Instead of trying to tackle an an g… [Read More]

Birds of a Feather


Ever since learning about emergent behaviour I have been fascinated with the concept especially how it might apply to artificial life or intelligence. It seems that over and over again you find individual rules can produce complex, unexpected and sometimes even beautiful behaviour.

I also have a soft spot for simulations. Little experiments that help us unders… [Read More]